OUR BIGGEST SALE EVER -  Get 20% off resume packages - BOOK A FREE CHAT

OUR BIGGEST SALE EVER -  Get 20% off resume packages - BOOK A FREE CHAT

Professional Resume Writing Service Serving All Industries, Starting Out, Mid-Career, Senior Managers & Executives

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Our Professional Resume Writing Service
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  • passionate & knowledgeable writers trained to dig into your accomplishments and experiences
  • 100% committed to customer service; 200+ 5* Google Reviews
  • compelling resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, applications, biographies, editing services
  • fast 3 business day turnaround (24 hr rush service available with Adam)

What's Different About Careers by Design?

As a boutique firm, we take pride in each and every Personal Brand and Resume we create.
All our resume writing services at Careers by Design are highly personalized and 1-on-1.
You'll work with professional writers based in Canada - we don't use offshore contractors.
Choose us & you’ll never be just a number in a big company pumping out documents.

Compelling Resume & Personal Branding

It’s not easy to see your own strengths and describe them fully. Our Resume & Personal Branding specialists will take the time to get to know you.  

We meet you face-to-face via video conferencing to get to know you. Our writers are trained to ask the right questions to dig into the finer points, which can distinguish you from other candidates.

This approach, only available at Careers by Design, helps us to clearly communicate the value that you will bring to the right employer

Boost Your Confidence! 

Our company was founded on highly personalized 1-on-1 face to face coaching.

Many of our clients have told us that working with us has boosted their confidence and helped them see a new side of themselves.

Our collaborative process of working on your resume and brand will enable you to speak about your strengths with more confidence in any interview setting.

Passionate Resume Writers Ready to Help 

Our writers love what they do and are trained to draw out your unique accomplishments & experiences.  

With backgrounds that span HR, recruiting, education, marketing, content writing and professional editing, let them work for you & make you stand out on paper.  

Connect with us & feel the difference that working closely with your own writer makes.

Who Our Resume Writers Serve 

We serve professionals in all industries with our professional resume writing service.

Starting Out

Students or Young Professionals
with 0-5 years
total work experience


with 5-15 years
total work experience


Established professionals & managers with 15+ years total work experience


Professionals targeting
Director level & above positions.

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Meet Our Professional Resume Writers

Passionate & dedicated writers who would love to work with you
to uncover your hidden strengths, talents & accomplishments!

Any Questions?
We're standing by to serve you.

Hi I'm Adam, a Resume & Professional Branding Specialist here at Careers by Design.

I can help answer any questions you have about our services. I can also help book you in for faster service.

Please contact me directly and I'll be happy to help!

Leave me a message in case I'm with a client and I'll call you back!

Call me and speak to a writer right away at 1.888.977.6284 x2.

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Bonnie Davis

Bonnie Davis

Finance DIrector

"Adam helped me create a modern CV that focuses on my strengths and experiences. The turnaround time was very quick. Well worth the investment given the present competitive work environment. I highly recommend Adam."

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Carly Ball

Carly Ball

Guest Services Representative

"Tami Cooper from Careers by Design did an extraordinary job with redrafting my cover letter and resume. I am starting out a new profession and was looking for someone to specifically help me with rebranding my cover letter and resume. Part of Tami's services are geared towards individuals who are starting out new career paths, which is exactly what I was looking for. From the very beginning, Tami was extremely responsive and eager to collaborate with me when I requested her services. It truly shows in her quality of work and professionalism at how much she loves her job. She is an expert at showcasing a one-of-a-kind cover letter and resume as she knows exactly what employers are looking for. I highly recommend Tami's services!"

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Andy Vivian

Andy Vivian

Former President & CEO of Solis Foods

"Having been focused on the success of my business for so long, I had neglected my personal brand. When it came time to work on it, I didn't know where to start. In Adam I found the right person to partner with to pick out my strengths and accomplishments and create a fresh and professional resume package that tells the story of my career in a highly effective way."

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Jesse K

Jesse K

Sales Director & General Manager

"Adam had called me back to follow up on a missed call he had on his cell. Every time I called he answered the call or called back right away.Very happy with the service he provided. Very easy to work with and very responsive to any changes needed. Jk from Toronto"

Google review verified by Endorsal IconEndorsal.io

Rodolfo Rivas Molina

Rodolfo Rivas Molina

Senior Relationship Manager | TD Bank

"Tami helped me upon my arrival to Canada as a foreign trained professional. She crafted my resume to reflect my career story in a way that leveraged my transferable skills and quantifiable achievements, resulting in a successful career reintegration in Canada. She was committed, not only to creating top-notch marketing materials, but to coaching me in cross-cultural awareness, business communication, and the importance of networking. In each of my many interactions with Tami, she demonstrated that beyond her expert knowledge and her high standards of excellence, she cares about her clients’ success."

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Kristi Dubeau

Kristi Dubeau

Senior Marketing Executive & Business Leader

"Tami was very helpful to re-craft and package up my 20 years of business experience into a compelling story. She understood my objectives and worked under incredibly tight timelines and left me feeling optimistic about my future prospects. I feel I am equipped with the confidence and a "new me" on paper that has served me well in my career transition. Thank you again."

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Faria Llanos

Faria Llanos

Senior Change Specialist

"My experience has been extremely enjoyable, Adam was very quick, responsive and brilliant. His ability to craft resumes and cover letters are exquisite! I noticed a huge change in call backs and emails of interest with this new resume and cover letter. A few days later I was fortunate to score my first interview and secure a job! Thank you Adam!"

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James Y

James Y

IT Project Manager

"I worked with Adam on building my resume. I was incredibly impressed with how quickly he delivered my new resume, but I was even more impressed with the quality of work. If you are looking to get a professional resume to stand out amongst the other applicants, then look no further."

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Kevin Courneyea

Kevin Courneyea

Health, Safety & Environment Manager

"Tami has a very professional and welcoming approach and most of all was compassionate and provided emotional support during my job search. I was feeling so overwhelmed with the whole process but once I had my newly updated resume, everything fell into place. Tami was able to create a resume that presented my professional accomplishments in such a clear, concise and targeted manner. I sent out a number of resumes to prospective positions, heard back from most within a few days, and was hired for the position that was number one on my list. I cannot thank Tami enough for the time and attention she provided to me during my job search process."

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How It Works

We've redesigned the resume writing process to be more effective &
focused on delivering results, every time.


Book a Free Chat and/or 
Book Your Resume Service

Book a free chat with one of our writers and ask any questions about our service.  Unlike other companies, we want every interaction to be personalized so you will be speaking directly with the writer!

**Note that the wait time for chats can be long. If you want to skip the line & go straight to the paid service, click the link matching your career stage under the resume writer's name and you will be taken to a checkout page.**


Complete Your
Zoom or Telephone Consultation

Once you've purchased the service, you'll be directed to complete an intake form and also be able to book in for your 1-on-1 interview.  


Receive Your Documents Within 3 Business Days

After the Zoom (or telephone) call, we will begin the diligent research and writing phase.

You'll receive your new marketing package via email within 3 business days.


Request Edits/Revisions

You have 30 days from the time of receiving the package in step 3 to request any (minor) edits or revisions.

We will respond as fast as we can but please allow 24-48 business hours to receive a response to any request for edits or revisions.

Book Yourself In For A Free Chat &
Get a Free Resume Review

Fill out our quick form below to book yourself in for a free resume chat to discuss your needs 
& answer any questions you may have.  Upload your current resume and we will provide you valuable feedback on how you can boost your success, with no obligation.

Frequently Asked Questions  

Got questions? We've got answers.  Browse commonly asked questions here.

 General Questions About Our Services 

I'm not getting any interviews, will a new resume help?

Looking for a new job can be an expensive business. 

After buying fresh interview outfits and paying out for travel costs, the last thing you want is more expenditure.

Sometimes, though, you need to spend money to make money. Investing in yourself should always be your main priority.

You should seriously consider using a professional resume service in any of the following situations:

  • If Writing is Not Your Strength: Not everyone is a natural wordsmith. You might excel in your industry but lack the prose skills to effectively highlight your experience. If writing is not your forte, it’s time to call for some resume help.
  • If Your Circumstances Are Unique: Have you got lengthy gaps in your employment history? Are you switching careers completely? Have many of your jobs been very short-term? A professional resume service can help you present a unique situation favorably.
  • If Your Resume Is Failing To Generate Responses: With HR personnel often spending just 5 seconds scanning resumes, yours needs to pack a real punch to avoid the cull. Failure to generate interviews is often due to a resume that doesn’t present key information clearly. If you’re not hearing back from employers, it could be your resume rather than your skillset that’s to blame.
  • If You Are Just Entering The Job Market: If you’re an entry-level jobseeker or recent graduate, getting a first resume written well is crucial. Once you have this in place, you can build on it over time so get the job done by a pro and get into the workplace quicker. A one-off investment at this stage will continue repaying dividends over time.
  • If You’re Not Clear On What To Include: How far back does your employment history need to go? Can you omit jobs? Do you need to include information about your hobbies? If you don’t know where to start, a resume writing service will clarify all this for you.

Have you helped people in my industry?

Our writers are experts in the resume writing process and have years of experience working with all industries.  We feel confident that we can help you, no matter what industry.  If you would like to find out more, book a free phone chat with us and we will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

Will my resume be optimized for ATS (automated tracking systems)?

All Careers By Design resumes are developed with key words and critical job requirements in mind to work with resume scanning/tracking systems. Not only will your resume pass through software programs, but it will provide a compelling story when it arrives in front of recruiters and hiring managers.

How many sessions are required to develop a new resume?

Just one.

Unlike career coaching that requires multiple sessions, the resume writing process requires just one 45-minute consultation.

During the consultation, you’ll be guided to deep-dive into your career history, education, experience, skills, strengths, accomplishments, and goals. After the consultation, your resume writer does all the work to craft a compelling message for your target audience.

Can you write a general/multi-purpose resume?

It’s important to us that you achieve your desired results from your new resume and career marketing materials.

Unfortunately, without a career target or goal, your resume will simply not deliver optimal results.

Resumes that are too broad and general tend to fail at demonstrating the value you have to offer, and therefore are unlikely to generate responses and interview requests.

We recommend accessing career coaching first if you’re unsure of your next career steps or area of interest.

I'm new to Canada (or planning to move here), can you help me?

If you are a new immigrant to Canada or are planning to move here, we can certainly support you with our powerful and effective resume writing services given you have a specific job description or listing to target.   Your job must be one that is either in Canada or the US as our services are designed to perform the best with that type of readership.

However please note that our career coaches are not skilled at new immigrant issues and we do not take on coaching clients with less than 3 years of residence in Canada.

How important is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful tool for job searchers in numerous industries. Recent research indicates that many recruiters use LinkedIn exclusively for sourcing candidates, while 80%+ of hiring managers review LinkedIn profiles before deciding to call a candidate for an interview.

If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, or if your LinkedIn profile lacks critical content, you could be missing out on potential opportunities. Your resume writer can help you optimize your profile and develop new profile content that will complement your resume and strengthen your personal brand.

When will I receive my documents?

Turnaround time for all resume packages is 3 business days from the time of consultation. This is quicker than the average turnaround time for the industry. However, if you have a pressing job application deadline, please book a phone chat and ask us about our rush service.

What if I require changes or revisions?

No one knows your career better than you. The consultation process is quite thorough and exhaustive, but ultimately, resume writing is a collaborative process. Occasionally, minor revisions are required, and these changes are included in all our resume writing packages.

We want to be sure that you are completely comfortable and confident with the way your resume markets you.

 General Questions About Resume Writing 

Who should hire a resume writing service?

The primary function of a resume is to get you interviews. If you’re not receiving responses or interview requests from your job applications, it’s likely that your resume is not marketing you strongly and clearly. Our resume writing services are designed to connect your experience, skills  and strengths with your ideal positions.

The goal is to communicate your value to potential employers in a meaningful way. Typically, clients see a dramatic increase in interview requests when they have a professionally developed, targeted resume.

How can a professional resume writer help me get the job I want?

Here are 6 of the best ways a professional resume service can simplify getting the job of your dreams…

1) By Making Your Resume Stand Out From The Pile

With more and more recruitment carried out online, it’s common for job vacancies to attract hundreds of applicants.

Hiring managers often take just a few seconds to decide whether a resume warrants closer investigation.

Rather than using a generic resume template, a professional CV will present your marketing document attractively with key information front and center so it makes that first cut.

2) By Making Sure Your Resume Is Highly Specific

You need your background and experience to appeal to the specific audience you are targeting.

Whether you’re switching industries or applying for multiple positions, getting resume help is one way to keep your applications laser focused.

3) By Highlighting Your Personal Brand and What You Can Offer

Any employer wants to know what you can do for them and how you differ from other applicants.

An effective resume writing service will showcase your personality and core values. This way, you can demonstrate clearly to an employer how you’ll mesh with their organization and add value.

It’s often hard to write about yourself in this way so let the professionals do it for you.

4) By Focusing On Your Achievements Not Just Your Duties

No hiring manager wants to look at a long, bulleted list of job duties.

They do, though, want to see worthwhile achievements.

A proficient professional resume builder will bring your accomplishments fully to the fore. They will show an employer directly what benefits you bring to the table.

5) By Using Keywords To Get Your Resume Through Applicant Tracking Systems

With an applicant tracking system (ATS), software can weed out unsuitable applicants before they even hit the desks of hiring staff.

Professional resume writing services will work with you to ensure your CV is fully optimized. They’ll employ key terms to make certain your resume overcomes this first hurdle.

6) By Producing A Complete Marketing Package

A well-crafted cover letter is crucial.

Increasingly, a concise and relevant LinkedIn profile is also a valuable tool when you’re looking for work.

With resume help, you’ll end up with a complete marketing package. Selling yourself is not always the easiest task so let the professionals do it for you.

What are the components of a successful resume?

There’s no precise, one-size-fits-all resume template. There are simply too many variables. There are, though, several core components present in a truly effective CV.

It Makes a Striking First Impression

If you want to make sure someone sits down and reads your resume, design and layout count.

Ask yourself this…

If you had 150 resumes to sift through, would you read a poorly formatted wall of text or toss it aside and move on to the next one?

All great resumes are crisp, clear and impeccably designed.

It Focuses on Accomplishments

A winning resume doesn’t just rehash your job duties.

Rather than describing what you did, a successful resume will outline how well you did it.

It Incorporates Keywords

Whether scanning is done electronically or by someone other than the hiring manager asked to manually look for keywords, don’t overlook the importance of targeted language.

Your resume should be heavy on words used in the job advert and in the company’s marketing material.

Make those keywords count.

It Includes Metrics

The best resumes include cold, hard numbers.

Which looks better to you?

“Increased revenue” or “Helped grow revenue by 215% in 3 months by doing x”.

The more achievements can be backed up with statistics the better.

It’s Highly Relevant

Less is more.

As well as being extremely specific to the job in question, the most powerful resumes cut out all irrelevant information. This helps to make what you choose to include even more effective.

When is the Right Time to Hire a Resume Writer?

If you’re wondering whether you should act now and hire a resume writer, here are 3 reasons when it makes perfect sense…

You’re Employed and Looking 
For a New Job

If you’re working and want to switch companies, you probably don’t have too much spare time. Between work, family and fun, writing a new resume is probably low on your list. Hire a resume writer and get that new job with ease.

Your Resume Needs Polishing Not Writing From Scratch

If you have no resume in place at all, you should at least put together a basic framework yourself. From here, a professional resume writing service can build on that foundation more effectively than starting from scratch.

You Need To Find Work Quickly

If you’re unemployed and need to find work in a hurry, think of hiring a resume writer as an investment not an expense.

Toronto Location Information

We serve clients across all areas of the Greater Toronto Area,
including Downtown Toronto, North York, East York, Scarborough & Etobicoke.

Address: 1200 Bay St, Suite#202 Toronto, Ontario M4W 1J2
Telephone: 647-812-3204