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"I felt a huge weight lifted.  It made me feel very optimistic about the future."

SARA PIERONI  //  ​Merchandising Manager  | Toronto, Canada

Meet Our Calgary Coaches

Pat Parisi M.Ed.

Pat Parisi Career Counsellor Vancouver BC

Hi there,

I'm Pat and for over 18 years, I've supported 100s of people to thrive in their careers and live meaningful lives.

I help people to find deeper satisfaction and happiness in their career and life choices -- and live their dreams.

Linda Faucheux M.A. LPC

Linda Career Counsellor

Hi there...

I'm Linda Faucheux (pronounced 'fo-shay') and I've been coaching professionals like you to career success for over 25 years.

Feeling empowered in your career cultivates purpose, mastery, and autonomy; key components for a flourishing life.  

Let me help you build a strong professional direction that will energize you and bring out the best of who you are. 

How We Help

Why Choose Us?

With more than 15 years in business across Canada and decades of experience between our career coaches, Careers by Design has been helping Canadians across the country achieve long term career happiness and success.

Our approach blends traditional career counselling with transformative life coaching and a focus on 'Connecting Head & Heart' to build resilience and self-empowerment.  

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Who Are We?

We are a team of highly qualified and credentialed career counselling & career planning experts.  

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What We Offer:

Career counselling, career coaching & life coaching available to all residents of Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Lethbridge, St. Albert & Medicine Hat.

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Career Coach Calgary Rave Reviews

careers by design toronto reviews

We're immensely proud to be one of the highest rated career development companies in Canada on Google.
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Praise for Pat

Micheila Storr

Micheila Storr

Head Editor & Writing Coach

"I genuinely enjoyed the process of working with Pat to clarify my goals and learn how to more effectively meet various challenges. We dug deep psychologically, much deeper than I had expected a career coach would go with me, and every step of the way I felt that Pat really got me. This was an exercise in bravery, compassion, and self-reflection in which I felt seen and supported. I recommend Pat as a career coach (or anything coach) without reservation!"

2 years ago

Google review verified by Endorsal

Stina Dios

Stina Dios


"I worked with Pat Parisi over Skype and she really tailored the experience to my needs. As a recent graduate, she helped me find an identity and options in a competitive job market. Thanks to her I have a fresh new outlook on my career and tools to help me focus on my goals. Thanks Pat!"

4 years ago

Google review verified by Endorsal

Quinlan Bruce

Quinlan Bruce

Social Media Coordinator

"I was very hesitant and very skeptical coming into my coaching sessions with Careers By Design. Almost immediately, I was so impressed by how my coach, Pat, pivoted my perspective on choosing the right career path for me. We dissected my values, my professional/academic past and even practiced some stress relief techniques that are truly effective. After my 4 sessions I found a job that I'm really enjoying so far."

9 months ago

Google review verified by Endorsal

Praise for Linda

Heather Wilson

Heather Wilson

Senior Product Manager

"Highly recommend! Linda was an exceptional coach through a difficult time. Being in a transitional phase of my life, I was unsure how to invigorate my job search. She was consistently engaged, patient and encouraging as we explored my skills and interests. She offered wonderful advice throughout the process and recommended some essential next steps. Together we built an incredible strength statement which I can draw from and a solid strategy for my resume/cover letters/interviews that will be invaluable in the coming months. I can't say enough good things about her kind and insightful approach. Thank you!"

8 months ago

Google review verified by Endorsal

Rebecca Rosenberg

Rebecca Rosenberg

Senior Project Manager

"Working with Linda at Careers by Design helped me find direction in making a career change in a personally challenging and confusing time in my life. But most importantly, the coaching process helped me gain peace of mind with the process of leaving my job. I am taking steps toward my future, and laying the foundation based on my values as I look for my next role."

10 months ago

Google review verified by Endorsal

Linda Sollars

Linda Sollars

Professor, Regis University

"Linda is a talented counselor and coach. Her work is heart-centered, whole person focused, and provides powerful and positive outcomes! Focusing on WHO you are before you determine your next career move is at the core of Linda Faucheux’s work in contemplative career counseling. Her compassionate guidance provides deep (powerful) mindfulness techniques that connects head to heart and the awareness that leads to solution-focused outcomes. I highly recommend Linda. She will exceed your expectations."

3 months ago

Google review verified by Endorsal

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Want to know more about our career planning Services?

Career counselling doesn’t have a fixed definition but there are certain core principles involved regardless of culture or language.

Also commonly known as career guidance, this is a process that helps you understand yourself and workplace trends so you can make a better and more informed decision about your career.

Whether you’re looking for your first job, searching for work while unemployed or looking for a career change, working with a Counselor can help you achieve a better outcome.

In all career counselling, qualified practitioners will offer advice in their areas of expertise while employing a range of general counselling techniques. This process helps the candidate deal more fruitfully with career-related change.

Career guidance takes place in a range of different settings, physical and virtual. There are group workshops and more personalized 1-to-1 services.

With career counselling, the primary focus is building up better tools to the job you really want. Taking an educational approach, your career counsellor will help you explore your desired industry while also giving you the support you need to get the job. From writing a powerful cover letter and honing your cover letter skills through to interview technique, you’ll be much better placed to secure the job you want and the career you deserve.

Career development services often deal with both counselling and coaching since they build on each other to maximize your chances of success in today’s economy.

We’ll look now at what you can gain by branching out into some coaching to consolidate your skillset and expand your horizons.


Career coaching builds upon career counselling by doubling down on your strengths and weaknesses, your personality and core values.

By concentrating on your talents, you’ll be able to work with your coach to bring your optimum career path into clear focus.

Before undertaking any form of counselling or coaching, it’s only natural to ask, “What’s in it for me?”

Here are some situations in which engaging career development services could be fruitful:

When You Should Consider Career Coaching?

  • If Your Work Starts Affecting Your Personal Life
  • If You’re Looking To Change Careers
  • If You Need To Overcome Negative Behavior Patterns
  • If You’re Simply Not Sure What You Want

If Your Work Starts Affecting Your Personal Life

Anyone unhappy at work knows only too well how this misery and frustration can spill into your private life.

Do you often waste your Sunday worrying or grumbling about the forthcoming week doing something you find unstimulating? Do you take out your anger at your situation on your nearest and dearest?

If so, you can change this and get More happy Mondays.

Getting a career coach can improve your life at work which will have direct positive benefits where it most counts: at home with your family.

If You’re Looking To Change Careers

Sometimes, it’s easy to overthink what’s involved in a complete career change. This can lead to you avoiding taking action and remaining in a rut.

An effective career coach will help you maximize your existing skills and allow you to frame your past experience so you can make a positive shift even if it’s to an entirely different industry.

It’s often simply fear and overanalyzing the unknown that are the biggest obstacles when you’re looking to change careers. An effective coach can help you leap those hurdles and race to pastures new.

If You Need To Overcome Negative Behavior Patterns

Bad behavioral patterns are hard to shake. Sometimes you need a helping hand not just self-discipline.

Do you procrastinate or neglect your emotional health?

Perhaps you struggle to motivate yourself successfully or allow mental issues grind you down physically?

Whatever the poor behavior in question, career coaches and counsellors can play a vital role in driving you forwards and changing bad habits.

If You’re Simply Not Sure What You Want

You know you want some form of change at work but you’re not sure what you want…

This is surprisingly common.

The most effective career coaches can laser in on what you really want and translate this into a clear path of action.

For anyone suffering from analysis paralysis or uncertainty, career coaching can be invaluable.

How To Choose The Right 
Career Counsellor?

Decide first whether you really need a career counsellor or a career coach.

A career counsellor will give you better insight into your strengths and weaknesses.

They will also help out with the mechanics of getting you the job you want. If you’re at a real crossroads and want to have your career goals clarified, counselling is a smart bet.

A career coach, on the other hand, will focus more on the present and help you identify career targets and objectives. You can come up with actionable strategies alongside your coach to rapidly achieve your career goals.

Since there is a significant degree of overlap in counselling and coaching, it may be that you want a combined approach.

If you’re looking for face-to-face guidance, try Googling “career counselling Calgary” or “career coach Calgary” and start exploring some options.

Maybe you prefer the idea of counselling by phone or online? If so, check the service you’re looking into offers this.

Don’t be afraid to check up on the credentials and background of the counsellors. We’d strongly recommend doing this, in fact.

Once you’ve assembled a workable shortlist, make sure that the counsellors and coaches you have in mind specialize in helping people in your situation.

Don’t rush into this investment. Ask the advice of friends and family. Perhaps they have a recommendation. Take your time. Speak with at least 3 career development services.

If you decide to investigate Careers by Design, we’re confident you’ll end up choosing us.

What makes us so sure we can help you out?

Why Choose Our Career Services?

With so many career development services, why should you choose Careers by Design?

  • We have over 10 years of experience helping people just like you
  • Using evidence-based HeartMath tools backed by 25 years of research, our coaching will renew your vigor and focus while helping you overcome uncertainty
  • We combine the best of career counselling and coaching so you can get to know yourself better and make lasting, appropriate change
  • Using positive psychology, we’ll give you the tools you can use to be happier in and out of work
  • We can offer you flexible, interest-free payment plans if required
  • Over 100 solid testimonials prove we help people in your situation effectively

If you’re looking for the best career counselling service in Calgary, you’ve found it!

Contact us today. We can help you feel better, do better and move forward faster.

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