September 13

Hope – A Short Poem for You

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Written by Shirin Khamisa, Founder, Careers by Design

Hope - a short poem.

Hope is there for you…

when you are really stretching to move past what is comfortable & you want to throw in the towel

when you have been working for years and haven’t received the reward

when you don’t know how

when you haven’t figured it out and it looks like everyone else has crossed the finish line

when your best friend says you’re expecting too much & your lover tells you to get real

when you have applied to 200 jobs & been to a million networking events without a single offer

Hope is there for you….

Hope reminds you that your past performance does not predict your future success

Hope expands your vision & lets you see solutions & opportunities

Hope is bigger than despair

Hope fuels you to fight the good fight

Hope enables you to create and make the intangible real

Hope gives you the courage to dream and create a brighter future

Hope Happens….

Hope Happens when you rally your supporters around you

Hope Happens when you focus on all the reasons why you can succeed

Hope Happens when you take action despite the doubt

Hope Happens when you focus on your strengths

Hope Happens when you believe in your dreams

Hope Happens when you have faith

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