October 14

Hope is a Choice

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Written by Lee Weisser, Career & Life Coach

Hope is a choice – what does that mean?

When your body feels so heavy you can’t seem to take a step, hope hangs out there on a limb that is just beyond your reach.

When you feel so discouraged that you believe all doors are closed to you, hope is like a far-away planet that you can barely glimpse.

So how can hope be a choice?

Several years ago I faced a huge transition that included marital separation, a move across the country, and looking for work that would meet expenses for me and my daughter.

I had wonderful support from family and friends, but still felt unsure of how my life would ever come together again.

There seemed to be just too many losses to overcome.Just when I was at the point of desperation, I received a call offering me a 6-month contract job for which I had applied. I took it, and it turned into a four-year gig with an organization where the people were both fun and compassionate.

What did I learn?It’s okay to cry until you think you will break, it’s okay to mourn your losses, it’s okay to struggle over and over again, and finally, it’s okay to trust – trust in yourself and in the world around you.

I’m a great planner, but when all hell broke loose in my personal life, the plans met their match.

I had to let go of the former dream, and start taking actions one step at a time towards a new dream.

The more open you are to hope, the more likely it is to help you find your way.

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